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PostSubject: STAT SYSTEM   Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:07 am

Well since RP is starting and spars wont be taking much longer to come we have devised a stat system in order for everyone to have knowledge of just how far their abilities go and where their limits are.

First of all we are assigning an amount of points for everyone to distribute on their stats like they like it. This will depend on your current rank, it goes like this:

Academy Ninja:28
Genin: 39
Chunin: 48
Special Jounin:55
Jounin: 62
ANBU/ Hunter-nin: 65
Root/ Seven Swordsmen: 68
Jounin Commander: 72
Kage: 77

If you arent on the Leaf or Mist look for your equivalent rank for Hunter Nin and Seven Swordsmen.


The points you get will be distributed between 8 stats, your abilities will depend on how many points you put on each one. THIS ARE THE MAIN POINTS NOT THE SUBCATEGORY ONES.

Ninjutsu-art of ninja techniques
Taijutsu- close combat
Genjutsu- illusions and tricking the mind
Strength: How strong you are
Speed: How fast you move
Stamina: Amount of chakra and energy you have
Seals: Can you remember horribly long 40-seal sequences or just jutsus with one or two seals
Stealth: sound made when you move


After putting in a number on the category you have to copy the fitting comment below and put it next to the number

0: No knowledge of ninjutsu whatsoever
1: My skill in ninjutsu is low, even for academy nin
2: I have a low ninjutsu ability, can use one of my elements in a low fashion
3: My skill is growing, I can use a single element to a decent extent
4: I am starting to be able to use my second element in a low level. My jutsus have become more powerful
5: My two elements have reached average power now, my ninjutsu strength has grown everage also.
6: I can use both my elements well, one is stronger than the other though.
7: I can already mix my two elements in an efficient way to create a mixed element release
8: Ninjutsu is a specialized field of mine, can do many techniques of my elements already.
9: A vast ninjutsu abilities. Know most of the techniques for my elements. The power of my ninjutsu is quiet high.
10: I have a huge knowledge of ninjutsu, I know almost all the techniques including my mixed element. I can even create my own S-rank ninjutsu.

0: No knowledge of taijutsu at all
1: Punches and kicks are the best I can do in taijutsu, no advanced moves
2: Low taijutsu skills, I can only do some few combos
3: When it comes to close combat I can do so unless its someone higher than me
4: Less than normal, I could beat up a weakling with my punches
5: Your average brawler, nothing much said about this, can hold myself against people in close combat with effort
6:I can hold myself in a close combat fight easily. I have discovered the first gate of chakra to use.
7:I can use about 3 gates of chakra to power myself. My taijutsu skills are such that I can fight only using taijutsu
8: My combat skills are making a name for me. I can use up to 5 gates of chakra in order to fight.
9: I am starting to gain control over at least 6 gates of chakra, my ability at taijutsu is quiet the dread for almost everyone
10: Perfect control over the eight gates of chakra. My combat skills are so good I can beat up an army just by using my hands

0: No ability at genjutsu whatsoever
1: I have discovered genjutsu, ability to create tiny and very low-quality illusions
2: My genjutsu are getting better, they have better quality but remain tiny.
3: I can be classified as a low-class genjutsu user already.
4: I can cast bigger genjutsu already, although theyre still not completely realistic
5: My skills is medium with genjutsu. I can trick opponents with skills lower than mine.
6: I am discovering the power behind genjutsu, I can catch people in genjutsu already.
7: I can already do very realistic genjutsu, not perfect but enough to fool most people.
8:I am specializing in genjutsu already. I can keep a fight using genjutsu only as long as the opponent doesnt have more skills then me.
9: My skills with genjutsu is well-known already. I can trap people in a genjutsu wtihout them noticing unless theyre even more skilled than me.
10: I am the master of genjutsu. I can cast perfect genjutsu with a single finger. You wouldnt notice when I have you trapped in one.

0: Have to build some muscle to survive, the wind could blow me away
1:Getting a little strong, could kill an insect with my fists
2:Would hurt more myself if I hit someone more than I hurt them
3: I have trained more, could break a thin board with some effort
4: Beginning to show some strength, could hold myself in a small brawl
5: Your average fighter, not too strong nor weak
6: Can beat a few weak people in a brawl, need more training
7: My fists are becoming my friends, I can easily split a piece of woof
8: I can beat up many in a matter of strength. I am becoming quiet the dread in a matter of strength
9: I can shatter a concrete wall with my fists without doing much harm to myself
10: If 1000 people were standing in a line I could knock them all with a single hit.

0: I am quiet fast, compared to a snail...
1: I can walk fast...not of much use to fast people
2: Running is possible for me, yet at low speed
3: I can run at normal speed, not much comment there
4: Can run fast for a normal person, however not like a ninja.
5: I am quiet an athlete, can keep up with low people
6: My speed has already been known for many, fast enough.
7: Already specializing in speed, very fast to slower people
8: I can be considered the fast type, not many people can keep my pace
9: I run very fast, catching up with me would be impossible for most people
10: I can move so fast if you blink I can be anywhere, moving faster than the wind would be no problem for me


0: Absolutely no have the energy of a 100 year old...corpse...
1: You could run up to 50 Meters before dropping exhausted, weak
2: Having the energy of a little kid, youre quiet weak
3: Youre the frail type, you cant make much movements
4: Less than normal energy, cant carry on with exercise much time
5: Average chakra for a ninja really nothing much to say
6: Slightly higher than average energy, can hold for some time
7: Using many jutsu would be possible for me, but I would need a lot of rest after that.
8: Have quiet a large amount of chakra, can pull off huge jutsus
9: High quantities of chakra, hard to tire out
10: Huge amounts of energy, enough to spare


0: No knowledge of hand seals
1: Can use only the jutsus with none or very few hand seals
2: Could use jutsus with a few hand seals already, not very good at it though
3: Ability to cast jutsus with moderate amount of hand seals
4: Less than normal knowledge, you can cast up to medium sequences
5: Average hand seal knowledge, know some jutsus with long sequences but not too long
6: Can cast jutsus with very long sequences, however theyre energy consuming. I have found a way to reduce the seal cost by one
7: I have started to notice that I can recognize a jutsu by their hand seals, yet only a few of them.
8: I have a large knowledge of all hand seals, can recognize many jutsus and make them with a lower quantity.
9: Can recognize all the jutsus my opponents has just by the seals, my hand seal cost has been halved
10: Have an amazing capability at seals. I can cast jutsus that normally require 40 hand seals with just one. Can recognize any jutsu just by seeing the hand seals


0: I create a huge ruckus when I move, everybody in one kilometer could hear me
1: I make quiet a big noise when moving, anyone nearby would notice me
2: Learning to be more silent I can move so only people who are near me can hear me
3: My steps are soft already, unless paying attention you wouldnt hear me
4: I am slithery like a serpent, make little noise when moving
5: I can move on many places unnoticed
6: I could cross the room you are in and you wouldnt notice me
7: Nobody would notice me unless they really tried to find me
8: I deserve being called a ninja, I move very softly most people wouldnt notice me
9: I am very stealthy already, I would not be heard by anyone with less than dog ears
10: A butterflies wings make more noise than I do, I could kill you three times and you wouldnt notice
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PostSubject: Re: STAT SYSTEM   Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:52 am


Depending on the points you have in the Main Abilities section you will be given different points to spend on the sub sections in order to specify your abilities better.


After you enter the value in the Ninjutsu category of the main abilities you multiply it by 4 in order to get the amount of points for the ninjutsu subcategory. For example, if you have 10 points in the Ninjutsu category you multiply it by 4 giving 40 points to spend in the subcateogry

You distribute all of this between the natures of chakra, which are:

Earth Release
Wind Release
Fire Release
Water Release
Lightning Release
Non-elemental ninjutsu
Space-time ninjutsu
Mixed Element:

You are permitted two chakra elements depending on your ninjutsu points.

The mixed element is an advanced form of ninjutsu allowed for Chunin and up. It mixes your two chakra elements to form a mixture. For example if your two elements are earth and water then your mixed element would be wood.


For the nature of Earth, Wind, Water, Lightning, Fire and nonelemental:

1: Barely able to do E-rank jutsu
2: E-rank jutsu are getting easier, with much effort can do a D-rank
3: E-rank is second nature for me, D-rank jutsu are easy to do
4: I can start doing C-rank jutsu, theyre weak though
5: My C-rank jutsu have average power already, all ranks before can be performed without effort
6: I am starting B-rank jutsu, their power however is quiet low
7: My B-rank jutsus have normal power, I can start doing A-rank jutsu already with much effort
8: I can do all jutsus from A-rank lower with average strength
9: Can already to S-rank jutsus, however theyre pretty weak
10: I can do all ninjutsu of this Release perfectly and with high power

For Space/Time ninjutsu:
0: Nothing to know in here
1:Ability too low to control
2:Ability too low to control
3: High summons are possible, this includes summoning massive animals or items
4: Time can be slowed for a few seconds
5: Time can be slowed for objects
6: Nothing to comment
7: I can twist an object from afar, however only by a low degree
8: Teleporting myself is possible,
9: I can teleport other objects from their places to anywhere I will
10: I have complete understanding of space and time fabric. I can teleport specific parts of my body and then bring them back again to avoid most attacks.

Teleportation of self: 25 chakra points
Specific teleportation: 30 chakra points
Teleportation of others: 35 chakra points

Mixed Element:
1: My mixed element is weak, I can barely use it
2: Have learned how to use my mixed element better
3:I can mix my chakras better, they have a low power though
4 I have the equivalent of low-powered jutsus for my mixed element
5:My chakras can blend in an efficient matter allowing for average powered jutsus
6: I could handle myself only using my mixed element
7:I can mix chakra in seconds, my power is high enough
8:Blending is perfect for me, I can use my mixed element without thinking
9:My power on the mixed element has grown high, they can cause a big effect already, have begun developing my own techniques
10: My mixed element causes mass destruction by their sheer power. I have invented a few techniques of my style already


For every point in Stamina that you have in Main Abilities you multiply it by 3 to obtain the amount of stamina subcategory points. Example, 10 Stamina points are 30 subcategory points

The two categories in which they can be divided are:

Chakra Amount: The amount of chakra you have of course. MAX 20

0: No chakra, youre totally dry
2-4: Low quantities of chakra, cannot pull of many jutsu
5: Average amount of chakra, nothing to spare
10: High amounts of chakra, can pull of a few large jutsu
11-14: Veyr high amount of chakra, its hard to tire me out
15: Enormous chakra, can pull off many jutsus without getting tired
16-19: Huge reservoirs of energy, I have chakra to waste
20: Monstrous energy, you could rival a low jinchuriki when it comes to chakra, you could pull of huge jutsus without tiring

Resistance: How much can you move before tiring out


To make sure people dont surpass their chakra limit we have made a chakra pool system. It works much like the Mana or Magic things on RPGs. When you perform a jutsu you pay a certain amount of points for it. When you run out of points you cant cast jutsu anymore

The amount of chakra pool is determined by the number of points in the Chakra Amount multiplied by 15, for example if you have 20 Chakra Amount, times 15 gives 300, so your Chakra Pool will be 300.

Here is a list of the cost of each jutsu depending on their rank:

Kinjutsu: 70
Super S-rank: 50
S-rank: 35
A-rank: 25
B-rank: 20
C-rank: 15
D-rank: 10
E-rank: 5

Kinjutsu are forbidden techniques that need permission of the kage to be performed. A list of them is available on a topic already. Super S-rank are S-rank jutsus with powers too high above normal ones, such as Kirin, Limelight, Susanoo, Chibaku Tensei, etc.

If you are unsure of what rank a jutsu is please consult your Kage or Jounin commander, they will tell you what rank it is.


As with the subcategories above this depends on how many points you put in genjutsu in the Main Abilities Section. For every point you have in Genjutsu multiply it by 3 to obtain the number of genjutsu points in subcategory.

The two branches on which genjutsu will be divided are:

Ability to cast:
1-20- You can trap enemies in genjutsu and they cant break it unless they have a higher amount of points in ability to break

1= D-rank Genjutsu
4= C-rank Genjutsu
7= B-rank Genjutsu
14= A-rank Genjutsu
18= S-rank Genjutsu

Ability to resits:
1-20- You can break genjutsu as long as your level in this is higher than your opponent


This is the most free of all the categories as its filled in by yourself. You have 3 Taijutsu subcategory points for every Taijutsu point in the Main Abilities.

The areas in which it will be divided are:

Weapon Handling: Explained by user

Hand-to-hand combat: Explained by user

Weapon Ability: Explained by user

Weapon ability is a unique characteristic that your weapon has. Even if its slight it makes it unique so you have to explain it here.

All of this has been tried out in testing spars and has been proved to be efficient and good for combat so this are the stats that will be used for now. It could be made into a program for easier use someday but until then make them manually in the steps above

Brief Summary:

1) Make the Main Abilities Section
2) Ninjutsu Subsection
3) Stamina Subsection and chakra pool
4) Genjutsu Subsection
5) Taijutsu Subsection
6) Add the list of jutsus your character knows at the beginning under your name and rank

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