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 ~Mist Shinobi Missions Handout~

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PostSubject: ~Mist Shinobi Missions Handout~   Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:09 pm

In here you will report in front of the Mizukage to ask for a mission to be given for you to perform. You will use how many posts you need for your mission to be written in but please be so kind as to post them in between spoilers so that it doesn't cram up all the space in the page and it makes it easier to read.

Missions are written in a fanfiction way where you write about your character as he/she does the mission performing all the necessary tasks such as battles, stealth, eating, sleeping and such.

We don't expect PERFECT realism of course but please try to be careful not to surpass your abilities. If your abilities say you cant blow up the bad gay with a rasengan then sorry but you cant until you are strong enough to do so.

All missions will be evaluated by the Mizukage and will be decided if they are approved or not. If approved you might receive an item as prize or money and the mission is added to your record in the Mission Library.

Happy Time doing your missions everyone and do your best!

All missions will be handed out in this way:

Name of the Mission: EX-Konoha Assault
Rank: A-S, EX- A-rank
Description: EX-Konoha is attacking the Mist village, please defend your village at all costs and prevent them from taking the secret scroll,etc...

Missions are given by this way:
D-rank: Given to Genin
C-rank: Given to Chunin
B-rank: Given to Chunin, Special Jounin and Jounin
A-rank: Given to Special Jounin, Jounin, Kage
S-rank: Given to Jounin, Kage, Special classes(Seven Swordsmen of the Mist)
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~Mist Shinobi Missions Handout~
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