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PostSubject: Member Profiles   Wed Jun 23, 2010 7:58 pm

Here you can fill out your profile about all the information about your character.

This is so we know about every person more in depth so please be sure to add as much detail as you can.

Please go to your profile and fill out your character sheet!!!

Link it here and put your pictures here if you need too.

Also, your list of jutus's and stats will go here as well!!!

~Link to my Character Sheet~
((Link here))

((Pleaes put this in a Spoiler))

~Jutsu known~
((Please put this in a Spoiler))

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Ramza Ruglia


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PostSubject: Re: Member Profiles   Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:49 pm

General Information
Name: Ramza Ruglia
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 26
Rank: 7 SM Leader
Sensei: dunno
Teammates: none so far
Family: Beoulve
Favorite Things: peace
Goal: find a peaceful place to live
Nindo:To protect those important to me

Character Description

Height: 1.80 mts
Weight: 75 KGs
Eye color: Light Brown
Hair color: Blonde
Skin Color: White
Personality: Quiet and very protective of other around, natural pasifist, however if provoked can fight back, cool and colected, he's a natural tactician
Brieft Background story: Born and raised in a foreign land, leaves his birhtplace due to war issues

Blood Line/Kekkei Genkai

Family Name:unknown
Features of clan:
Kekkei Genkai: Kage no mane

Battle Information

Fighting Stance: rather agressive and low, mostly to show the opponent he's not kidding around
Postion taken in battle: front
Specialty: Swordplay
Weapon(s) Used: dual long swords
Weapon Ability: Silver Sword style
Chakra Element: Lighting
Summons: elemetal summoning (Volt) to be aproved


Ramza Ruglia / 7swordsman

Jutsus your character has:

Bushin Bakuha
Kage Bushin no Jutsu
Kage Shuriken no Jutsu
Kirigakure no Jutsu
Katon- Endan
Katon- Dai Endan
Katon- Gokakyuu no Jutsu
Katon- Goryuuka no Jutsu
Katon- Haiseikishou
Katon- Housenka no Jutsu
Katon- Karyuu Endan
Katon- Ryukka no Jutsu
Katon- Zukokku
Raiton Kage Bushin no Jutsu
Mizu Bushin no Jutsu
Shunshin no Jutsu
Shuriken Kage Bushin no Jutsu
Raiton Gian
Body Acceleration
Numb Shock
Shocking Current
Thunder Clap
Shadow Imitation Technique
Shadow Neck Bing Technique
Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique
Shadow Sewing Technique
Shadow Endgame Technique




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PostSubject: Re: Member Profiles   Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:56 pm

Character bio

General Information
Name: Nantomo Kouchou
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 1
Rank: Mizukage
Sensei: Her Father
Teammates: Works alone
Family: Lost contact with them when she is ten, but she also has a one year old son name Nantomo Kazehito
Favorite Things: Her son and her village.
Goal: Don't really have one...
Nindo: Feh...

Character Description
Height: 5'5
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Turquoise
Skin Color: Very pale
Appearance: See below
Personality: Can seem cold at first and usually only acts kind to her son and JC. She is very mature and intelligent, but has a hard time keeping her cool and can act rashly.
When fighting she is merciless and likes to end things quickly and wishes to succeed and will not hesitate to sacrifice a member if need.
Brief Background story: Kouchou started her training as soon as she learned to walk and was trained by her father. Her family were nomadic ninjas who never even told her their names and sent her off into the world at the age of ten and she never heard from them again, a custom of the Nantomo clan.
After that she was left on her own and took on odd jobs which led to her current occupation as a spy and assassin missions for many high and powerful people.
Though once moving to the Kirigakure she entered the academy despite her age to learn all she missed in her training from her father and graduated quickly to Genin and made her way up to Kage.
Still never giving up her contacts and jobs, Kouchou continues to do missions out of the village, though never against the Kirigakure and sworn to her village.

Blood Line/Kekkei Genkai
Family Name: Nantomo
Features of clan: The Nantomo Clan is a clan of nomadic shinobi, only the elders and money bringers know much about themselves. How they meet up it or live is a mystery as well.
Kekkei Genkai: Yureome, or vibration sight, is a bloodline limit that works to convert vibrations that are felt in the ground or other surfaces into visual images, provided the user activates the Yureome.

Battle Information
Fighting Stance:
Position taken in battle: Kouchou tries to avoid combat and prefers to take her enemies from swiftly from behind as not to be seen. Though when she is forced into battle, she is mostly offensive with equal amount of close and long range depending on the situation.
Specialty: Taijustu and Genjutsu
Weapon(s) Used: Tetsugin, a long metal plated wire with a sharp kunai shaped knife at the end, but slightly larger(She keeps it wrapped on her right arm under the back plated armor). Other than that she carries around a few smoke bombs, kunai and senbon needles.
Weapon Ability: Kouchou is able to guide the head of the tetsugin by sending chakra through the wire to control it better, though the tetsugin is more controlled by skill.
Chakra Element: Earth and Lightening
Summons: Name: Summoning Jutsu Orange Hell Dragon

System: Ninjutsu

Type: Supplemental

Range: N/A

Description: The user carries around a small red and white ball. In the middle of the ball is a small fang like point. Attached around the ball is a transparent Summoning seal. The user pricks there finger on the small fang and the ball expands in size to about the size of a fist. When the users blood hits the seal on the ball it actives his or her chakra. The ball is thrown and a creature with which the user has signed a contract with is summoned onto the field of battle in a flash of light. This is an expedited way of summoning which requires the same amount of chakra to perform as a regular summon. The advantage lies in the fact that the user can summon their creature without having to form hand seals.

Character Appearance

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Jounin Commander

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PostSubject: Re: Member Profiles   Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:36 pm

General Information

Name: Karin Uchiha
Gender: Female
Birthday: 15th of June
Rank: Jounin Commander
Teammates: None
Family: Unknown, she became an orphan at a very young age. She has since taken care of herself.
Favorite Things: Sweet things, dango, drawing, water, the moon.
Goal: Becoming the strongest Genjutsu user of the Mist
Nindo: Serve the village at all costs

Character Description

Height: 1.7 meters
Weight: 47 kilograms
Eye color: Honey
Hair color:Smooth black hair
Skin Color:Pale
Appearance:Karin wears a black overcoat over her normal clothing which consists of a chinese dress shirt like Tentens and a black loose cloth pant. She often wears a mask since she is a hunter-nin.
Personality: Karin is a calm person most of the time with the exception of someone bothering her or when it comes to defending her sempai. She is also a very dark person when it comes to fighting often using torture methods.
Brieft Background story:

Karin was born in the Siu Family, a mid-high class shinoby family of Kirigakure VillageThey were a quiet wealthy family due to the dangerous missions her parents took. However both her parents died during a ninja war when she was two years old. She was taken in by her uncle, who managed all the money of the family.

Due to her being the sole heir of the fortune her uncle sent her at age 6 with two of his henchmen to get rid of her. However as they attempted to kill her the sharingan awoke in her due to the Siu being distantly related to the Uchiha Clan of Konoha, she cast accidentally a genjutsu on the henchmen sending them to flee, however she had no thoughts of revenge. She joined the Mist Shinobi and during the war his uncle died, that loneliness and treason made her mangekyou sharingan awake.

She graduated from academy at 6 years and at 8 was made chunin. However her use of the mangekyou sharingan caused her to have a deteriorated eyesight at age 13. She joined the hunter-nin unit at this age and was assigned an assassination mission in Konoha, where she went right away. During that time she met many ninja but didnt remember than because of her damaged eyes. During the mission also she killed an Uchiha with the mangekyou allowing her to gain the eternal mangekyou sharingan.

As she returned to Kirigakure she progressed rapidly in the Hunter Nin becoming the Leader of the unit by the age of 15. At age 16 she met Nantomo Kouchou, the Mizukage and became very attached to her, keeping by her side.

Blood Line/Kekkei Genkai

Family Name: Uchiha Clan
Features of clan: Carry the powerful kaleidoscope eye: the sharingan. Also they are prodigies when it comes to battle and have a natural affinity for Fire Release
Kekkei Genkai: Karin has the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan enabling her to use its powers without fear of turning blind. She is most proficient at using Tsukoyime capable of making the enemy feel trapped inside the genjutsu for 60 hours. Her use of Amaterasu is average, she cant use Blaze release at all but she is able to set on fire what is reflected on her eyes. Since she is left-handed she uses Tsukuyomi with the left eye and Amaterasu with her right eye. Her Susanoo is the image of a samurai with a helmet resembling a dragon and carrying the Sakenagi longsword as only weapon and will trap whoever it cuts in an eternal genjutsu that only she can break.

Battle Information

Fighting Stance: Usually fighting with a hand in her pockets using mostly her right hand. In case she is pushed to fighting more seriously she uses her left hand also. Since she is left handed.
Position taken in battle: Using genjutsu to trick the opponent or disable them and then dealing a silent quick final blow.
Specialty: Genjutsu by far
Weapon(s) Used: Senbon connected by wires. She can also used poisoned senbon that drain the chakra once poisoned.
She also carries a sword on her back. She very rarely uses it though, letting it as a last resot.
Weapon Ability: She is able to manipulate her senbon in midair to be able to zoom in or corner her target.
She is rumored to be quiet able at sword fights also, her sword style is based on assassination purposes.
Chakra Element: Water
Torture Chamber:summon an iron torture chamber around herself and the opponent. First, the enemy's arms and legs are captured by four chains, and then the walls of the cage appear flat on the ground, quickly folding together to box them in. Finally, a large Fukusuke statue falls atop the cage, which is then tighly bound in chains.

The floor of the cage is outfitted with a number of gears that can be turned to constrict garrote wire, which is tightly wrapped around the victim's body.

Iron Maiden(personal version): A sarcophagus is summoned from the ground appearing split on the sides of the opponent. The two sides then join trapping the opponent inside and lock. Chains then bind the sarcophagus and drag it underground.

Her Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan

Circle Vortex: Her Sharingan
Shuriken-like: Implanted Sharingan






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PostSubject: Re: Member Profiles   Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:39 pm

General Information

Name: Kotaro Fuka
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Birthday: 30/09/85
Rank: Chuunin
Sensei: .....
Teammates: ....
Family: All dead
Favorite Things: Chaos
Goal: Create chaos wherever he goes
Nindo: He prefer to work alone but can be good in a team. And he's ready to backstab his friends or teamate to achieve his goal.

Character description

Height: 195cm
Weight: 64kg
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Red
Skin Color: Pale, like Orochimaru
Personality: Calm, cynic, sarcastic
Brieft Background story: Kotaro was born and raise in a really poor family, they had to steal to keep on living. On Kotaro's 6th birthday a lowly ninja who was hired by the people killed his father and mother, and badly wounded Kotaro. When he about to die, a demonlord came in and Kotaro made a pact with him, to serve him for eternity and in exchange, the demonlord gave Kotaro power and a unique bloodline to kill and hunt down the ninja that killed his only family members. After months of searching he finally fought and killed the lowly ninja. After this fight Kotaro became in love with blood, fighting and chaos, and so he continued his killing spree to please the demonlord and himself.

Blood Line/Kekkei Genkai

Family Name: Fuka
Features of clan: It is not really a clan....yet. Maybe later on he'll teach some others
Kekkei Genkai: Meiton (Dark release)

Battle Information

Fighting Stance: none in particular
Postion taken in battle: offensive/defensive long and close range
Specialty: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu
Weapon(s) Used: none except his "special" arms and the spikes he has on them.
Weapon Ability: His arms can extend up to 2 meters
Chakra Element: Dark element.
Summons: Wolf
When he summons them, he can see change his eyes into wolf eyes to pierce through genjutsu (That will depend on the opponent using genjutsu and takes a lot of chakra), he can also see through the eyes of the wolf to pierce the genjutsu )




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PostSubject: Re: Member Profiles   

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Member Profiles
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