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 Ramza Stat test

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Ramza Ruglia


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PostSubject: Ramza Stat test   Fri Jun 25, 2010 8:37 pm

Ramza Ruglia / 7swordsman

Jutsus your character has:

Bushin Bakuha
Kage Bushin no Jutsu
Kage Shuriken no Jutsu
Kirigakure no Jutsu
Katon- Endan
Katon- Dai Endan
Katon- Gokakyuu no Jutsu
Katon- Goryuuka no Jutsu
Katon- Haiseikishou
Katon- Housenka no Jutsu
Katon- Karyuu Endan
Katon- Ryukka no Jutsu
Katon- Zukokku
Raiton Kage Bushin no Jutsu
Mizu Bushin no Jutsu
Shunshin no Jutsu
Shuriken Kage Bushin no Jutsu
Raiton Gian
Body Acceleration
Numb Shock
Shocking Current
Thunder Clap

Taijutsu:10-Perfect control over the eight gates of chakra. My combat skills are so good I can beat up an army just by using my hands

Ninjutsu:9-A vast ninjutsu abilities. Know most of the techniques for my elements. The power of my ninjutsu is quiet high

Genjutsu:6- I am discovering the power behind genjutsu, I can catch people in genjutsu already

Stealth:7- Nobody would notice me unless they really tried to find me

Strength- My fists are becoming my friends, I can easily split a piece of wood

Speed:10- I can move so fast if you blink I can be anywhere, moving faster than the wind would be no problem for me

Stamina:10- Huge amounts of energy, enough to spare



Earth Release:

Wind Release:

Fire Release:10-I can do all ninjutsu of this Release perfectly and with high power.

Water Release:

Lightning Release:10-I can do all ninjutsu of this Release perfectly and with high power.

Non-elemental ninjutsu:10-I can do all ninjutsu of this Release perfectly and with high power.

Space-time ninjutsu:6-Time can be slowed for objects, cost of slowing 10 points. Not slowing opponents.


Weapon handling: 20 expert on swordplay, grandmaster lvl

hand to hand: 5 average combat capability, can stand on my own.

Weapon Ability: 5 able to use "Vibrato" with the swords, and shape shifting chakra infusion.


Ability to cast Genjutsu:

Ability to Counter Genjutsu:18


Chakra ammount:12
Resistance: 8

*Chakra pool: 180

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Ramza Stat test
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