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 ~Mission Application Thread (Group)~

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PostSubject: ~Mission Application Thread (Group)~   Wed Jun 23, 2010 7:55 pm

~Mission Applications~

Please Apply Following the following~

Name of Mission- (Be creative as you wish anything you wish to have fun and RP go on a mission for)
Type of mission- (A brief description on what kinda mission is it,stealth? or A rescue mission maybe retrieval or assassination or Other?)
Objective-(the object of your mission aka the main point)
Participants-(Who will be going with you on the mission)
Time-Limit- (However long you give yourself to complete the mission)

Mission Rules
No Gmodding
Please Follow Your Stats
All Form Rules apply
RP Rules apply
Please Await the approval of your mission before creating the thread
And most importantly Have Fun!! =3

Remember! Your Kage or Jounin Commander Has to approve or his or her Mission Before it can be made a thread and started!!!
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~Mission Application Thread (Group)~
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