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 Leaf Village Rules

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PostSubject: Leaf Village Rules    Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:35 am

Leaf Village Rules

All members of the Leaf village will be expected to have read the following rules. You will follow every single one of them is you wish to continue being a part of this village. All rules are mandatory and are not something you may choose to ignore. You will not be able to claim that you where not aware of these rules should you choose to break any of them.

You will show respect to all members of this village and this site. You will treat them with kindness and respect and will keep all personal feelings about a person separate from anything that goes on in this site. You will keep things professional at all times.

You will post a minimum of 30 words in all threads in this village unless otherwise told in a specific thread that it is less then that.

You will abide by the decisions of those in charge without question. Their word is final. Once they have made a decision on something it is expected that you will abide by that decision.

You will remain active in this village and post in all areas as much as possible. You will do your best to contribute to the village and it’s betterment and will make sure that the leaf stays a friendly and fun place to hang out.

You will follow all the rules of RP spelled out in other threads in this village. You will not God Mod and you will remain professional in RP at all times.

You will not use any techniques that have not already been approved by those in charge of this site.

You will obey the rules and requests of other villages leaders should you choose to post in those villages.
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Leaf Village Rules
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