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 Kotaro test stat

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PostSubject: Kotaro test stat   Fri Jun 25, 2010 1:56 am


Name: Kotaro
Character Description: N/A
Rank: Chuunin
Jutsus your character knows:

Dark element:

-Absorbing shield
-Inhaling Maw
-Wicked self Destruction Extraction/ Judgement

Main Abilities

Ninjutsu: 7: I can already mix my two elements in an efficient way to create a kekkei genkai mix

Taijutsu: 7:I can use about 3 gates of chakra to power myself. My taijutsu skills are such that I can fight only using taijutsu

Genjutsu: 0: No knowledge in Genjutsu

Strength: 7: My fists are becoming my friends, I can easily split a piece of wood

Speed: 7: Already specializing in speed, very fast to slower people

Stamina: 7 :Using many jutsu would be possible for me, but I would need a lot of rest after that.

Seals: 5

Stealth: 8: I deserve being called a ninja, I move very softly most people wouldnt notice me


Ninjutsu Points: 28

Earth Release:0

Wind Release:0

Fire Release: 0

Water Release: 0

Lightning Release:0

Non-elemental ninjutsu 10: I can do all ninjutsu of this Release perfectly and with high power.

Space-time ninjutsu: 8-Teleporting myself is possible,

Kekkei Genkai 10:My kekkei genkai causes mass destruction by their sheer power. I have invented a few techniques of my style already


Chakra Points: 21

Chakra Amount: 11-High amounts of chakra, can pull of huge jutsu

Resistance: 10
Pool Points: 165 Points


Genjutsu points: 0

Ability to Cast: 0
Ability to counter: 0


Taijutsu Points: 21

Weapon Used: His arms that can extend up to 2 meters and the spikes he has on them.

Weapon Handlings: 8 - He can extend and make them come back at their original state at his will.
Hand to hand comba 8- He's pretty good at it since his weapons are his arms.

Weapon Ability 5: He can extend them up to 2 meters, more training migh be needed to stretch them more and make them go faster.
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Kotaro test stat
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