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 Karin Test Stats

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PostSubject: Karin Test Stats   Fri Jun 25, 2010 1:23 am

Name: Karin
Character Description: N/A
Rank: Jounin Commander
Jutsus your character knows:

Water Release:
-Hidden Mist Technique
-Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
-Tornado of Water
-Water Clone Technique
-Water Prison Technique
-Black Rain Technique
-Exploding Water Colliding Wave
-Great Waterfall Technique
-Water Release: Powerful Blasting Rain Trench
-Rising Water Slicer
-Stormy Blockade
-Syrup Capture Field
-Tearring Torrent
-Violent Water Wave
-Water Dragon Whip
-Water Drowning Technique
-Water Encampment Wall
-Water Fang Bullet
-Water Shark Missile Technique
-Water Shockwave
-Water SKy Convergence
-Water Wave Palm
-Water Whip

Fire Release:
-Exploding Flame Shot
-Ash Pile Burning
-Dragon Fire
-Fire Dragon Flame Missile
-Fire Dragon Missile
-Flame Bullet
-Great Dragon Fire
-Great Fireball
-Mist Covering
-Phoenix Immortal Fire
-Running Fire

Boil Release:
-Skilled Mist Technique

Non elemental ninjutsu:
-Replacement technique
-Clone technique
-Body flicker technique
-Temporary paralysis technique
-haze clone technique
-paper shuriken technique
-god of night lighting
-mind reading technique
-summoning technique: Torture chamber
-summoning technique: Iron Maiden(personal version)
-Poison Mist
-Prepared Needle Shot
-Mystical Palm
-Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique
-Chakra Scalpel
-Mind Reading
-Hidden Technique: Mist Rain
-Generic Sealing Technique
-Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique
-Time-Release Technique
-Silent Killing
-Shadow Clone technique

-Descending Hell technique
-Hell viewing technique
-False Surroundings
-Double False surroundings
-Tree Binding Death
-Mist Servant Technique
-Flower Petal Escape
-Sly Mind Affect
-Temple of Nirvana
-Time Reversal Technique
-genjutsu binding
-tyrants calling
-Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
-Demonic Illusion:Shackling Stakes
-Demonic Illusion: Burning Paper Body

Main Abilities

Ninjutsu: 10:I have a huge knowledge of ninjutsu, I know almost all the techniques including my kekkei genkai element. I can even create my own S-rank ninjutsu.

Taijutsu: 6:I can hold myself in a close combat fight easily. I have discovered the first gate of chakra to use.

Genjutsu: 10: I am the master of genjutsu. I can cast perfect genjutsu with a single finger. You wouldnt notice when I have you trapped in one.

Strength: 10: If 1000 people were standing in a line I could knock them all with a single hit.

Speed: 10: I can move so fast if you blink I can be anywhere, moving faster than the wind would be no problem for me

Stamina: 10 :Huge amounts of energy, enough to spare

Seals: 6

Stealth: 10: A butterflies wings make more noise than I do, I could kill you three times and you wouldnt notice


Ninjutsu Points: 40

Earth Release:0

Wind Release:0

Fire Release: 10-I can do all ninjutsu of this Release perfectly and with high power.

Water Release: 10-I can do all ninjutsu of this Release perfectly and with high power.

Lightning Release:0

Non-elemental ninjutsu:10- I can do all ninjutsu of this Release perfectly and with high power.

Space-time ninjutsu:0

Kekkei Genkai: 10-My kekkei genkai causes mass destruction by their sheer power. I have invented a few techniques of my style already


Chakra Points: 30

Chakra Amount: 15-Enormous chakra, can pull off many jutsus without getting tired

Resistance: 15
Pool Points:225 Points


Genjutsu points: 30

Ability to Cast: 15
Ability to counter: 15


Taijutsu Points: 18

Weapon Used: Poisoned and normal senbon attached to wires, a katana is also sheathed at her back.

Weapon Handlings: 6- Ability to control the senbon in midair by using the wires. She is also very proficient at sword fighting.

Hand to hand combat 6- Can handle herself quiet well when it comes to fighting at close range, she can fight using only her body as weapon

Weapon Ability 6: Can control her senbon to zoom in or chase her target closely. Also they are coated with a powerful venom that can paralyze the body completely 2 minutes after enterin the body.
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Karin Test Stats
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