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 Mist Ninja Academy

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PostSubject: Mist Ninja Academy   Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:54 am

Mist Village Ninja Academy

Here is the Ninja Academy of the Village hidden in the Mist, where our young ninja will be trained by our instructors to be the powerful ninja the Mist is known for. The academy consists of two rooms, to be able to take in all of the academy ninja the Mist has and give them proper training.

The academy ninjas will be trained by our Special Jounin, Tokubetsu. He/She is responsible for teaching proper role playing to all members in order to make all Mist members able at RP.

Rules of the Ninja Academy

1-All forum rules apply here, no flaming or trolling
2-No God Moding=No controlling other characters, leaving no time to respond by others, automatic hits, abusing your abilities
3-Obey the Special Jounin, if you want to be promoted to Genin youll need a good report from him/her
4-Before joining please post your stats in the Mist Roster Bios
What you'll learn in the academy:

1) First of all basic Role playing, of course, no point teaching anything if you don't know how to use it
2) Basic weapon handling
3) Low level non elemental jutsu
4) Basic chakra control for learning future more powerful jutsu
5) For the ones who show proficiency in RP, teaching more advanced jutsu that correspond to their stats

This is the format of RP that will be used:

1) Actions between asterisks (**)

Example: *Runs to the side and throws a shuriken*

2) Speech between quotation marks ("")

Example: "Yes sensei, Ill do so right away"

3) Thought in Italics

Example: Maybe if I go to the left he wont notice me...

At the end of each month a report about each student will be sent to the direction of the village for them to decide on whether or not to promote the academy ninja to genin.
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Mist Ninja Academy
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