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 ||||Mission Application Thread||||

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PostSubject: ||||Mission Application Thread||||   Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:10 am

||||Mission Applications||||

Please Apply Following the following~

Quote :
Name of Mission- (Be creative as you wish anything you wish to have fun and RP go on a mission for)
Type of mission- (A brief description on what kinda mission is it,stealth? or A rescue mission maybe retrival or assassination or Other?)
Objective-(the object of your mission aka the main point xD)
Participants- (Who will be joining you on this mission?)
Time-Limit- (However long you give yourself to complete the mission)

Mission Rules~
No Gmodding~
Please Follow Your Stats~
All forumrules apply~
Please Await the approval of your mission before creating the thread~
And most importantly Have Fun!!~~

Remember! Your Kage or Jounin Commander Has to approve or his or her Mission Before it can be made a thread and start

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||||Mission Application Thread||||
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