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 ~Mist Village Rules~

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PostSubject: ~Mist Village Rules~   Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:15 pm

~Mist Village Info/Rules~

Basic Info:

* Lack of Activeness - If you are absent from the Village for more than 2 weeks at a time, we will have to remove you from the Village. This will insure that there we will be a fair opportunity for other members to join, without other inactive members occupying space.
* What's expected of members - Members will be expected to post all around the Village, participating in events, etc.
* How members can go up in ranks - Members that have shown activeness, participation, helpfulness, friendliness and contributes all around will be up for promotion. Members who fail to accomplish these will either stay in the same rank, or more than likely be demoted.


1. Post more than 25 words in a post. Otherwise it is considered spam.
2. From now on post in the Report thread daily.
3. You must display your rank in your Signature somewhere in the Mist colors.
4. Try your hardest to participate in Mist activities/events that go on.
5. Represent the Mist well!
6. Please show respect to all people around the forum. Whether they be a new member or a senior one, everyone should be shown respect.
7. All other forum rules apply.
8. And last but certainly not least...HAVE A BLAST!!! =3
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~Mist Village Rules~
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