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 List of Forbidden Jutsu Kinjutsu

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PostSubject: List of Forbidden Jutsu Kinjutsu   Wed Jun 23, 2010 6:20 pm

List of Forbidden Techniques
As powerful a ninja as you can be there are some limits to the techniques that you can use. These are the Kinjutsu, the forbidden techniques of the villages.

High Level Techniques

These techniques require permission from your Kage and Jounin Commander in order to be used in battle. or missions.

All forbidden techniques require the use of 70 chakra points to be used if you have the permission. to use them.

List of Forbidden Techniques:

-Ones Own Life Reincarnation: A most powerful healing jutsu. It is even capable of reviving the dead in exchange for your soul. Only the Head Medic can use this.

-Fury: Massive Destruction technique that could erase a whole village.

-Dead Demon Consuming Seal:Summons a death god: Shinigami to take away the soul of your opponent in exchange of yours and seal it away. It can also be used to take the arms or other parts of the body away.

-Chakra threads: Suicide jutsu where you connect a chakra thread to your opponents soul. What happens to you, happens to him.

-Twin Snakes Mutual Death: Makes a single hand seal with both your hand and the opponents. Two snakes appear and bite both of them killing them with powerful venom.

-Earth Release:Resurrection Technique: Corpse Soil: Summons a large amount of dead ninja from the ground. They dont have the same abilities and are fairly easy to destroy.

-Summoning Impure World Resurrection: In exchange for corpses you are able to resurrect people who have died already

-Dead Soul Technique: Grants a corpse the ability to move and act as a living being for a time.

-Chakra Injection: Makes a snake of chakra insert into the user and grants them the ability to cast S-rank jutsu in their 2 elements for two RP posts while adding 100 points to their chakra pool. Can be used only my head medics.

-Izanagi: The ultimate genjutsu. It breaks the difference between illusions and reality. Grants you the ability of avoiding any attack for two turns no matter the level but your character will be blind after that.

-Mass Shadow Clone: Creating a massive quantity of shadow clones would be fatal to anyone who does not have a huge reserve of chakra at least a jinchuriki. This is a forbidden technique due to it resulting in the death of the caster

All of these techniques need permission from your Kage and Jounin Commander to use. Using them without permission will end in a punishment or infraction.
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List of Forbidden Jutsu Kinjutsu
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